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Day of Surgery

What you need to know for the Day of Surgery:

Please plan to arrive at the surgery center no LATER than your scheduled arrival time.  If you are unable to arrive on time your surgery may have to be cancelled and rescheduled for another date and time.

  • Please bring with you all insurance cards, a photo ID, Medicare or Medicaid Assistance information, numbers, addresses and a form of payment.  We accept most major credit cards, cash and personal check.  Otherwise, please leave all other valuables at home.
  • Please wear comfortable, loose, casual, daytime clothing to fit over dressings or bandages. Special consideration should be given to buttons, sleeves and zippers as garments that of this nature will be easier to put on after your surgery is complete.
  • Please wear flat, comfortable slip-on shoes.
  • It is imperative that you pre-arrange for a friend, relative or dedicated caregiver to stay with you for a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours after your surgery.  We will need to verify this information with you prior to your surgery.
  • Please plan to arrange for care for children.  If you have young children at home that you are normally responsible for providing care for, it will be necessary to arrange for someone else to care for them for at least the first twenty-four (24) hours following your surgery.

When you arrive at our center we ask that you check-in at the registration desk to verify personal, escort and insurance information.

Following Admission
After checking in at our center, you will be escorted to our pre-op area where members of our healthcare team will prepare you for surgery.   You will stay in the pre-op area until it is time for your surgery.  Once preparation for surgery is complete, your family/escort will be allowed to visit with you until time for your surgery.  An anesthesiologist will discuss anesthesia options with you and answer any questions.  At the appropriate time you will be transported to the operating room.  During surgery your escort will asked to return to the waiting area and will rejoin you in  Phase II recovery area you are fully awake and ready to receive visitors.

Visitor Information

  • Parking is provided at no cost to visitors and patients.
  • Remember the designated driver/responsible party must remain at the center for the entire duration of the procedure.
  • A refreshment center is located just outside of our waiting room.  Hot beverages such as coffee, hot chocolate and hot tea are provided for your convenience.
  • Wifi is provided free in the waiting room.  Please see a patient representative for the password and other details.
  • Visitors may wish to bring a sweater or jacket as the waiting room can be cool at times.
  • Due to safety concerns, we recommend that you make arrangements for the care of children. If you need to bring children with you, please remember their safety and do not leave them unattended at any time.
  • Please limit the number of visitors that accompany you due to space limitations.
  • For the privacy of all patients, the number of visitors allowed back in the patient care area will be limited.
  • The use of cellphones or other recording devices is prohibited by patient's and visitors in patient care areas.