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Anesthesia services are provided by East Carolina Anesthesia Associates (ECAA), one of North Carolina's largest, private anesthesiology practices.  The practice has a long history of providing quality medical care and service to the people of North Carolina for over 35 years..

An anesthesiologist is a physician practicing anesthesiology - a medical subspecialty. The anesthesia care team, just like in all other areas of medicine, consists of a physician and an anesthetist working together. The anesthetist is either a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) or an Anesthesiologist Assistant (AA). A member of the anesthesia care team, will be with you continuously throughout your procedure. Your care team, monitors the progress of your case, and is always immediately available during the course of surgery and the recovery period. This team approach ensures that you will have multiple members of a team with advanced, overlapping, and complementary skills present and immediately available during your anesthetic care.

ECAA partners with Charlotte Surgery Center to provide the highest level of quality care to our patients.

The physicians included in this group are: 

  • C. David Hord, MD
  • Mark G. Zukaitis, MD
  • David Kovach, MD

CRNA’s include:

  • Joan Bucaria, CRNA
  • Paige Airey, CRNA
  • Joan Bucaria, CRNA
  • Lisa Daniel, CRNA
  • Shelley Falcone, CRNA
  • Drew Fukes, CRNA
  • Kerry Gallagher, CRNA
  • Rolinda Johnson, CRNA
  • David Schoenecker, CRNA
  • Steven Smith, CRNA
  • Carmen Thomas, CRNA
  • Tracy Thomas, CRNA
  • Naomi Tipton, CRNA

Anesthesia Assistants include:

  • Tyler Childers, AA

The types of anesthesia provided range from sedation, regional, and general anesthesia.

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